Since its original Foundation in 1807 Mill Hill School has provided its pupils with an education designed to equip them for a full and responsible life.

When a new Foundation was established in 1869, the role of Life Governor was developed, open to those who made a significant financial contribution to the Foundation or who gained a University degree, a rare attainment in the 1860’s.

In 1997 the Court of Governors decided that the Foundation should be incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. It was agreed that the role of the Life Governors was a valuable one and should be recognised in the new Memorandum and Articles of Association. A Life Governors Committee was formed to liaise with the Court and the Foundation and to guide the proceedings of the Life Governors. The Foundation was incorporated on 17th July 1997.

In 2000 the Life Governors’ Bursary Fund was merged with the McClure Memorial Trust Fund and the Life Governors Committee took on the responsibility of managing and maintaining the combined Fund.

In 2011 the title of Life Governor was changed to Life Guardian.

The Life Guardians’ relationship with the Foundation is set out in Article 18 of the current Articles of Association of the Foundation.

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