Application Form

To become a Life Guardian of the Mill Hill School Foundation please complete the application form below. Once elected you will be required to pay an annual contribution of £50 towards The McClure Memorial Trust which is a registered charity that helps fund the school fees of a deserving student at Mill Hill School. You will also be invited to make a voluntary £250 one-off contribution to the charitable trust, either as a single payment of £250 or in instalments of £10 per month over 25 months. For postal applications please download the following PDF.

Thank you for your application to become a Life Guardian of The Mill Hill School Foundation.
Please click here to make payment via PayPal. If you are not a user of PayPal don’t worry, making a payment via PayPal and setting up a PayPal account is very simple and can be done whilst you are making payment to the foundation via the payment buttons (Donate or Subscribe) provided on the next page.
Yours sincerely
Peter Wakeham, Chairman of the Life Guardians.